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The following “Before & After” pictures are examples of our work.
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Because the top of a chimney can easily be out of view, weather damage can go unnoticed for long periods of time.  

Chimney crowns can require repair, waterproofing, or a complete rebuild, depending on the level of wear or damage. Cement is not waterproof and rainwater can be absorbed into it. Years of winter freeze and icing slowly damage crowns, as well as the structure below the crown, if not repaired. We repair crowns with a special, high-tech cement product, and then prepare the crown’s surface for a double application of a 15-year, protective, waterproof coating.  

Our work experience also includes replacing chase covers and caps. We have worked on many different prefab chimneys (chases) in which the metal chase covers at the top of the chase, as well as the protective caps, have become rusted and required replacement. Most builders use galvanized-coated sheet metal for the fabrication of chase covers. This galvanized coating wears away over time, exposing the steel and resulting in rust. Once rust starts, holes develop and rainwater will pass through to the interior framing of the chase’s structure and the adjacent wall of the home. This obviously can cause exterior and interior damage to your home. Rust stains on the outer edge of the chase cover would be a clue for homeowners, as this edge is visible from the ground. We remove and replace all damaged chase covers and caps with life-time, stainless steel components.  

Some of the pictures will show additional work we have done, such as replacing terra cotta liners and re-pointing brick joints.
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